I’m Valentin! I am a PhD student in Marc Toussaint’s LIS group at TU Berlin, working on task and motion planning (TAMP) using optimization techniques, in addition to sampling based planners, with inspiration from control theory. I am associated with IntCDC, and am involved in several projects at the intersection of robotics and architecture.

I have a strong interest in control systems, optimization, numerical methods, and technology in general. Before taking on my current position, I have been a mechanical engineering student at ETH Zurich, and have focussed on robotics, systems and control. I did a few internships at various companies (notably Amazon and BCG Gamma), and I was a PhD resident at intrinsic.ai working in the motion and controls team.

In 2021, I (virtually) visited Jon Gammell’s ESP lab at the University of Oxford.

I like cycling, used to row competitively, like all kinds of other sports, and to my friends delight I am an avid cook.

I have an open list of ideas for which I am looking for collaborators (external pressure to complete something!) here. Contact me if anything catches your interest: v [at] vhartmann [dot] com for side-projects, valentin [dot] hartmann [at] ipvs [dot] uni-stuttgart [dot] de for more academic chatter.

I recently submitted my dissertation, and am open to any opportunities doing interesting work related to motion planning/autonomous systems/controls (preferably in Switzerland).


Also see my Google Scholar Profile here.

Preprints/Under Review


  • Long-Horizon Multi-Robot Rearrangement Planning for Construction Assembly, Valentin N. Hartmann, Andreas Orthey, Danny Driess, Ozgur S. Oguz, Marc Toussaint. IEEE T-RO 2022. [arxiv], [youtube], [paper]
  • Leveraging Building Material as Part of the In-Plane Robotic Kinematic System for Collective Construction, Samuel Leder, H. Kim, Ozgur S. Oguz, Nicolas Kubail Kalousdian, Valentin N. Hartmann, Achim Menges, Marc Toussaint, Metin Sitti. Advanced Science 2022[paper]
  • Learning Robotic Manipulation of Natural Materials with Variable Properties for Construction Tasks, Nicolas Kubail Kalousdian, Grzegorz Łochnicki, Valentin N. Hartmann, Samuel Leder, Ozgur S. Oguz, Achim Menges, Marc Toussaint, IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L) 2022 [paper]